Travel Photo: Foggy Bridge and Skyline of Portland

Travel Photo: Foggy Bridge and Skyline of Portland, Oregon

This is the waterfront of Portland Oregon, where the Willemette River runs through. The goal was to get up early and catch a sunrise over the bridge. I found out 2 mornings straight that they fog and overcast comes in every morning.

I took the best of the moment and decided to take photos of the fog that was there. I spent my time figuring out how to make sure I got the disappearing of objects through the fog.

Camera: Olympus OMD EM5
Lens: Olympus M. Zuiko 17mm ƒ/1.8
ISO: 250
Aperture: ƒ/16
Shutter: 6″
Tripod: Yes
Filter: B+W ND 110 (Neutral Density Filter)
Post Process: Lightroom 5.6

Photography Tip

Always know your the weather of the location you go. This will help you plan on what to shoot as well as the outcome of the shoot. If weather calls for sunny, make sure to get up early to make sure not to catch too much shadows of the sun, or take your tripod to shoot in HDR to help reduce the shadows.

On the same note look up when sunrise and sunset are. This will allow you to plan how early to get up. There are plenty of Sunrise and Sunset apps for your phone.

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