Travel Photo: Portland Oregon’s Waterfront Sunset

Travel Photo: Portland Oregon's Waterfront Sunset

The Eastbank Esplanade or waterfront of the river in Portland is a great walk. There are many runners and bikers but also many couples who are there to enjoy the beautiful sunset. This photo was taken as the sun was setting in the west with Downtown and The Pearl District in the background.

Photography Tip:

It is important to balance foreground light (key light) and background light when it comes to sunsets. The easiest way to accomplish this is to carry around a flash to light the foreground. It is important to make sure to have a way to defuse the light as it will overexpose the foreground. Shoot in raw to later balance the light in post production.

Camera: Olympus OMD EM5
Lens: Olympus M. Zuiko 17mm ƒ/1.8
ISO: 200
Aperture: ƒ/9
Shutter: 1/25″
Filter: Hoya HMC Cir-PL
Post Production: Adobe Lightroom 6

Any questions? Comments? How in detail how this photo was taken? Feel free to ask below.

The Pie Spot: Portland Oregon’s Little Pie Shop

“He was wearing a his boyscout outfit that was covered in badges. He was about 7 to 9 years old. He wore a mullet haircut,” Ashley was describing a memorable customer experience.

“Oh and those big thick glasses” Jessica interjected.

“He was looking at the pies with big eyes, as all the kids tend to do when they see pie,” Ashley continued on. “He took his time and then asked his mom ‘Which one should I get, you know I do not do well with fatty foods’ ”

Both Ashley and Jessica looked at each other and began to laugh.

When I walked into The Pie Spot earlier, I felt like this kid in the Boyscout outfit. I had big eyes as I gazed at the beautiful pies. There was conundrum on which I should choose to have. I too had an issue with pie, as a diabetic in pie shop I felt out of place and a lot like that Boyscout.

Owners Ashley (left) & Jessica (right)
Owners Ashley (left) & Jessica (right)

The Pie Spot is a wonderful pie store that offers some amazing personal sized pies. They are designed to be small, portable and individualized. They are the brain child of Jessica and Ashley, the owners of The Pie Spot. The two came up with the business while working at a bar and started it all from a foodcart. Today, since February 2013, they operate out of a building that used to be a repair garage since. It located on the east side of Portland on NE 25th.

Enjoy a small personalized pie
Enjoy a small personalized pie

The place has become a home to the two as they celebrate Thanksgiving in The Pie Spot with family friends and employees. It becomes a gathering place for their extended family.

Jessica has always had a fondness for being creative and always liked baking. It was a creative outlet for her and at the same time with her friend Ashley found a way to get out of the bar scene. Pie is an American Classic and why not do pies.

You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at The Pie Spot as they offer a range of different pies, including quiche and sweet pies. If you are looking for a recommendation for one pie to have to choose from I can not tell you get one, I would have to tell you to get 2. The Peanut Butter Chocolate pie and mix it with the Marionberry pie. It is like having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Jessica’s favorite was the Lemon Vanilla Bean pie.

Enjoy some coffee for some early morning wake up
Enjoy some coffee for some early morning wake up

The largest challenge these two have is finding a way to ship these pies in the near future. Hopefully a solution will be found to this. Until then everyone will have to take a trip to Portland to try them out. The Pie Spot’s Website can be found here.

Jessica’s and Ashley’s recommendations to do around Portland

Hike the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and check out the Sandy Delta

Eat at the Mediterranean Exploration Company – Pearl

Your turn. Tell us about your experience at The Pie Spot. Write in the comments below.

Photography Quote: Lewis Hine

  1. If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera.

    -Lewis Hine
    Lewis Wickes Hine was an American sociologist and photographer. Hine used his camera as a tool for social reform. His photographs were instrumental in changing the child labor laws in the United States. 

    Editor Note

    I fully live by this. I love telling stories. The best way I know how to is through photography. It is the basis behind my photography business. Check oumy philosophy.

Photo: A Cup of Korean Chopsticks

korea_1311 - Version 2

In Korea they use metal chopsticks, easy to use if you are the dexterous type. If not, good luck eating.

Camera: Canon Rebel xti
Lens: Tamron 24-75 ƒ/2.8
Focal Lenth: 55mm
ISO: 1600
Shutter: 1/60
Aperture: ƒ/2.8

Photography Quote : Ansel Adams

“A photograph is usually looked at- seldom looked into.”

―Ansel Adams

lens-637558_1920 copy

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams is probably one of the most famous photographers of our time. He is regarded as one of the greatest landscape photographers of our time.

Editor Comment

I find this statement true as many people look at a photograph but never really look at what the photograph has to say. Some people just zoom through photos as if they were nothing. It takes a lot to make a photograph what it is.

What do you guys think? Have something to say about this quote?

Photography Quote: Diane Arbus

 A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know. 

– Duane Arbus 

Diane Arbus was a documentary photographer famed for her images of marginalised peoples, particularly circus performers.

What are you thoughts?

Quote: Dorothea Lange – Camera Before Blind

One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind

-Dorothea Lange

camera-lens-old-1191 copy

Dorothea Lange
1895 – 1965

Dorothea Lange was a photojournalist made famous by her photographs taken during the Depression-era in the United States.

This quote by Dorothea Lange really hits me. As a partially blind photographer it makes me want to go and take more photos.

What do you guys think of this quote?

Heading to Cuba? Things to know about traveling to Cuba as an American

It is hard to pass up a place of a time warp. When you look down cobbled streets to the old standing building you can see the rows of old antique cars. It is like going back to the past. But it isn’t a time machine you need to get there, it is merely a ticket.

With many years of travel restrictions to the island nation of Cuba is now open to travel. It is now becoming a desire to want to get to. But know that it is not open to everyone. For one it is still restricted to tourists. So forget about having that wild bachelor’s party in Havana. The lift of the restrictions of travel has opened up to 12 special groups. Some of those groups include journalists, diplomatic business endeavors, sports/athletes, religious, humanitarian, academic, entertainers and of course family relations.


These lifts just no longer requires a license to from the U.S. Treasurers for those travelers who fit under one of these categories. Getting there is a whole different story.

There are currently no U.S. Commercial airlines that fly to Cuba, but look forward to United and JetBlue to jump in early. American and JetBlue already offer charter flights.

If you want to get there legally as a tourist, a license is required. It also is required that you book with a travel agent. There are plenty around, mostly mom and pop agents based in Florida.

So what can you bring back from Cuba? Travelers to Cuba can now bring back $400 worth of items. $100 dollars of that can be rum and cigars.

Are you ready to head out to Cuba? When are your plans to go?

Top Travel Photos Taken in 2014

My Friend's Pretty Eyes - Villavicencio, Colombia

2014 was full of memories and a lot of great photography. Here are the top photographs taken by PathlessTravels in 2014 and a small story about them.

10. San Camilo Cemetery – Pereira, Colombia

San Camilo Cemetery, Pereira, Colombia
San Camilo Cemetery, Pereira, Colombia

After landing in Pereira at night I woke up the next morning to explore the city. Cementerio San Camilo was on my list of locations to visit. As I got there I started taking photos. At this point my Spanish was a bit rusty so I kind of ignored reading of the signs.

When I got here I decided to really explore my new 12-40mm Olympus lens (review can be found here). I mostly wanted to explore the wide angle aspects. As I started taking photos, I was told that photography was prohibited in the cemetery. I snuck a few more photos, including this one.

9. Sunshine in the Barrio – Bogota, Colombia

Sunshine in the Barrio - Bogota, Colombia
Sunshine in the Barrio – Bogota, Colombia

I new friend of mine in Bogota invited me out. She asked me “Have you been to Juan Amarillo?”

I responded with a no. At that point she MADE me go. She said I would get some great photos there. She was right. The clouds started to roll into Bogota and as we started walking the water way of Río Juan Amarillo the sun peaked through the sky. I started to take some photos and this HDR with out a tripod came out not bad.

8. WWJD – Hot Air Balloon Festival – Windsor, California

Photo: WWJD Hot Air Balloon Classic - Windsor, California
WWJD Hot Air Balloon Classic – Windsor, California

Summer was just beginning and Windsor has it’s annual Hot Air Balloon classic. It was early morning when the group of photographers go there to get the dawn patrol balloons as they all light up just as the sun was coming up.

Some time later the first balloon went up… WWJD. Here he is flying high in the sky.

7. Salento Church – Salento, Colombia

Salento Church - Salento, Colombia
Salento Church – Salento, Colombia

My pretty friend said to me that we had to visit the town of Salento. “It is famous” she said with giddiness in her voice. In the town center was a church where I walked in and fell in love with the lighting. Low to the ground I took some photos.

6. San Pedro Church – Cali, Colombia

San Francisco Church - Cali Colombia
San Pedro Church – Cali Colombia

While in Cali I decided to take a tour with Colombia Walking tours lead by Sandra, a woman who loves her city. The tour was free. It was an amazing experience to walk through downtown Cali and learn the history.

One of the stops was this old church named Iglesia San Pedro. It was dark and eerie but had just enough lighting.

5. An Amazing Smile – Armenia, Colombia

Beauty in Armenia, Colombia
Beauty in Armenia, Colombia

I was visiting my friend in the city of Armenia (Colombia). We sat down and I wanted to catch a picture of my pretty friend. She would not have it. She just covered her face.

At that point I heard a voice “You can take my photo”. I turned around there was an amazing smile. I just had to snap the photo. She asked for some milk for her baby. So we proceeded to fill her bottle with milk and both my friend and I also had a huge smile.

4. Pretty Eyes – Villavecencio, Colombia

My Friend's Pretty Eyes - Villavicencio, Colombia
My Friend’s Pretty Eyes – Villavicencio, Colombia

My friend wanted to show me the city where she lived. Here I was in Villavicencio where the temperature was a hot 102 degrees. We waited for it to cool down before taking a walk through the city. Then it started raining. I came down really hard. We ran for shelter.

The lighting in the Church where we took shelter was fantastic, so fantastic it made my friend’s eyes just glow. We held a mini photo shoot there.

3. Statue in Villa De Leyva – Villa De Leyva, Colombia

Statue in Villa De Leyva - Colombia
Statue in Villa De Leyva – Colombia

After meeting Claudia, a girl I meet had an amazing connection with, her family and I went to Villa de Leyva. Villa De Leyva is North of Bogota and is famous for it’s plaza. I have already taken photos of the plaza so was seeking for something different.

I found this interesting statue next to a smaller church. I found the sky to be so dramatic so I got low and too an HDR shot of the scene.

2. The View of Salento – Salento, Colombia

Mirador in Salento, Colombia
Mirador in Salento, Colombia

My friend that I mention before took me to Salento. She insisted we go take a hike to see this view. But she also insisted we eat before hand. We ate a grand lunch, huge bowl of salad and deserts. It was great, but I was stuffed and now tired.

Next up, take a hike up some stairs. I was dead tired. But finally getting past it all we get to this view. It was amazing. I took and HDR series of shots to make this amazingly view.

1. Sunset on the Beach of Puerto Colombia – Puerto Colombia, Colombia

Beach of Puerto Colombia Outside of Barranquilla
Beach of Puerto Colombia Outside of Barranquilla

I went to Carnaval in Barranquilla, one of the largest festivals in Colombia. The drawback is that everything was expensive. So I did some research to find a cheap alternative when traveling during a peak time. I came across a nice place in Puerto Colombia and this beach was my backyard.

As you can see there is a common theme to these photos as I spent most of my 2014 in Colombia. How did your photographs come out for 2014? Have any to share with us? Let me know. Leave a comment below, send me a tweet on twitter or post on my Facebook. Heck even send us a message. Let me know so I can help. Subscribe to our newsletter to gain even more tips on beer or travel. Happy travels 🙂

5 Ways To Make Your Travel New Years Resolution Become A Reality

Yeah, don’t even bother doing it. You know you are not going to accomplish this year’s New Year’s resolution. 92% of New Years resolutions fail. That’s right, that means that trip to Dubai for $3,000 a night, it’s not happening. At least not this year!

So why is it that you will not get to Dubai this year? There are a lot of contributing factors to why resolutions fail. One of the contributing factors is that people tend to set unrealistic goals for themselves. Another is that no one really plans out their resolutions. Lastly, they lose momentum due to not being able to measure their success.

Dubai can actually be a reality if by taking some simple steps, 5 steps to be more specific. These five steps can be breaking down to an an acronym known as SMART.

What is SMART? Depending on the resource you read it from, SMART stands for, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative, Time. Here they are broken down in English in no specific order at all.

Be Specific

A lot of people will make a New Years resolution to just travel more, or travel through Europe. The problem with these is they are very vague with their statements. Getting down to a specific location makes the resolution more real. It makes it more likely that it will happen. Instead of saying I want to travel to South America, say that you want to visit Cartagena, Colombia or Buenos Aires, Argentina. This gives a more attainable goal for you to shoot for rather than just shooting blindly.

Never Thought I would Visit Bali Until I set it as a destination I wanted to go to.
Never Thought I would Visit Bali Until I set it as a destination I wanted to go to.

Make your destination realistic

Nothing like saying I am going to visit Buenos Aires, Rio, Quito, Panama City, Rome, Tokyo all in one trip. Now if you can do that, let me know how you did it.

When planing a trip being very realistic about what you want to do. Do not over reach the amount of destinations or the length of stay. If you can only get 4 days of vacation, make the trip limited to one place closer to home. If you can get 30 days. Still only make the trip limited to 1-3 cities and plan for longer travel times. When you make realistic goals it makes them more attainable. It becomes something you KNOW you can do.

Set a Date

“I want to travel to to Thailand sometime this year” is a great statement, but it also is a statement that will hurt you. If you are not specific by a date of when you want to go, you will keep putting off the plans for a different time. The year seems long at first, but as it starts nearing towards the end, you will wonder where all the time went and at that point it is time to give up on the resolution.

Set a specific date on when you want to go. If you need help, here are some tips on the best times of the year to travel.

Make it You

Partying in Ibiza all night long sounds amazingly fun. But if partying is not something you do at all, then maybe that plan may not be the best for you. Set at travel that caters to who you are. If you are a calm mellow person, try a remote location. If you like the posh life, try an upbeat city location. Just be true to you style rather than doing the bucket list of things that “have to be done”

Sometimes I just want to enjoy the simplicity of the beach.
Sometimes I just want to enjoy the simplicity of the beach.

Research and Measure it out

Okay, so you have an idea of where you want to go and when you want to go. To make it all a reality requires research to be done. Research like crazy, including pricing, places of interest and where to stay and the daily break down. Here some tips on how to do the research.

Once the research is all done set out small goals to help yourself attain the trip. For example, make a white board with how much you need to save and how much you saved so far. Perhaps add to the white board how many cups of coffee you skipped trying to save for the trip.

Having place to see you progress helps the momentum going. Losing that momentum will be catastrophic to the resolution becoming a reality.


Let SMART work for you, or at least this travel version of it. This way you can have that travel plan that you have always wanted. You will also not fall into that 92% of people who fail. Remember to be specific on your destination and time, be realistic of where to go and how long, and plan it out and measure your progress.

What do you think? Have you ever actually fulfilled your New Year’s Resolution before? Are you an 8%? What tips do you have? Where would you like to go this year? Let me know. Leave a comment below, send me a tweet on twitter or post on my Facebook.

Heck even send us a message. Let me know so I can help. Subscribe to our newsletter to gain even more tips on beer or travel. Happy travels 🙂