10 Days – India Travel Issues AGAIN!!!

So my last trip to India had a lot of things that went wrong. If it could have gone wrong it seemed to have gone wrong. My flight was delayed which made me miss my connecting flight. My luggage was lost. I got conned (and I knew I was being conned) and ended up paying for a room 10 times the amount of my original place. Then my flight back was cancelled.

Well this trip is starting to get a bit of issues. Today I was denied my Indian Tourist Visa. Apparently my travels to Communist and Muslim countries has flagged me? Well not really, apparently I need a sponsor to invite me to India now. So I had to get a hold of my travel mate to get going on a letter of sponsorship.  Well it has to rain for the flowers to bloom right?

On a good note. I am sure this will all work out (like last time). When it does I will be looking forward to some of the amazing food I will be eating while in India. Looking forward to Momos, chaat and mushroom masala. Check out some great recipes from vahrehvah.com.

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14 Days

14 days until I leave to India. Again I will be starting my trip in Delhi, but will be eventually heading my way the intended destination. Final destination Leh!!! Before we hit Leh, my travel-mates and I will find our way in Manali. Manali is known for it’s gompas and other Buddhist temples. Check out some of the trekearth.com photos of Manali.

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22 More Days – Delhi Places

22 more days until I reach India by starting my trip in Delhi. Now I have been in Delhi before and already visited such places as Connaught Place, National Museum, India Gate, Presidential Building and the streets of Karol Bagh. Now it is time to look into some other places worth going to. Where are some of the places in Delhi I should visit? Here some ideas that I have:


Lotus Temple or Baha’i House of Worship was completed in 1986. It is an architectural beauty created by Fariborz Sahba. The temple was designed with all religions in mind for people of all faiths to be able to worship. Having a background in Architecture and fondness for religions I find this a interesting place to visit. 


Nah not speaking of the comedy Bollywood film Chandni Chowk to China. I am speaking of the area in Delhi known as Chandni Chowk, known for its street food and well known restaurants. This area is also known for it’s markets as well. The main objective here… EAT!!!


Jama Masjid is one of the largest mosques in India. It was created by the same Architect as the Taj Mahal. You can see some of the similar Mughal designs and styles. It is extremely huge. My architecture curiosity makes me badly want to see this wonder and I will already be in the Chandni Chowk area already, why not go see it.


Khan Market has it’s own facebook page. That makes it a MUST see right? This place is well known to get all kinds of goods to shop for. It has modern stores and is well known for a place to buy books. The main reason for coming here would be again like Chandni Chowk, EAT EAT EAT, for it is also known for it’s street food.

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SO… Anyone have more suggestions? Where else is a good place to visit in Delhi? Have a favorite place to eat? Where is the night life of Delhi?

31 More Days!!! – Leh

Yeah that is right. 31 more days until I leave to Delhi, the first stop before I head off to Leh, India. Delhi happens to be the Capitol of India and has lots of culture and things to do. It is also known for being very smelly, dirty, having tricksters, touts, and con artists. There are some good things about Delhi, including the food and the sights to see. Here are some fantastic pictures of some of the wonders of Delhi found from Trekearth.com. Hoping to get some good photos myself. 

Anyone have any good suggestions of a good place to take some photos in Delhi? Let me know where you favorite place to take photographs in Delhi are. Or let me know of an awesome area I should visit.

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40 More Days Delhi and Leh

Yep, only 40 more days until I leave to India. Going to be traveling to Leh, known for being high in the Himalayan Mountains. This area is rich with Tibetan culture. What do you guys know of Leh and the Himalayan mountains? Help me prepare. Feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr